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Ready for a new job? Finding a new career opportunity can be both a challenging and exciting experience. However, as a recruiter, I often see the same mistakes time and time again. The last thing you want is to be that job seeker who damages your professional reputation early in the process! Here are some of my best tips AND common mistakes you should avoid to not blow your job search. 

  1. Mass Applying! So often we see candidates apply to so many jobs that when they get a call, they aren’t sure which job it is or which company! This is a huge red flag for recruiters, so make sure to keep a list of your progress and jobs you’ve applied to! There’s nothing wrong with applying to a lot of jobs, but if you’re just applying and have no clue what the company does… this could ruin your chances down the road when you finally get that call. Getting organized before you start applying and taking a moment to develop a system to keep track of jobs you’ve applied for and who you’ve been in contact with can help you out in the long run. 

  2. Applying to Jobs Without Updating Your LinkedIn. Did you know 94% of recruiters utilize LinkedIn to find candidates? In many cases, the first place a hiring manager will look in at the candidate’s LinkedIn profile after receiving their resume. The beauty of a LinkedIn profile is it can do things your resume can’t! Your LinkedIn allows you to showcase your full professional past, your future career goals, AND your personality and work philosophy. 

  3. Winging it! Do your research…. BEFORE applying! Put yourself if the recruiter’s shoes; you’re pressed for time and all you have is a resume and a cover letter. In addition to professionalism and enthusiasm, you’re looking for cover letters that show the applicant has taken the time to research your company and why they will be an asset to that specific role! 

  4. Ghost Your Recruiter. We see more and more CRE candidates “ghosting” recruiters, employers, and HR managers. Ghosting can be defined as suddenly ceasing all communication with someone, in hopes that they will get the ‘hint.’ We see candidates agreeing to job interviews and failing to never show up, or even accepting a job, only to not appear on the first day of work. However, the real estate industry is small and word about a candidate can get around fast… The last thing you want to do is tarnish your reputation. 

  5. Attending Networking Events with no Intention. When you attend any sort of networking event, know what you want to get out of it before you attend and objective for what success means. The ability to find, cultivate and maintain connections in the real estate industry can give people an edge, no matter what field they’re in. Putting the time and effort to network and foster relationships is a vital part of advancing your career!

  6. Apply, Wait and Repeat! If your entire job search strategy is applying online and waiting, don’t be surprised if your phone isn’t blowing up. Instead, after you apply for a job, make sure to look over to LinkedIn to do a quick people search and see if you have any connections in that organization. 

  7. Not Getting Back in Touch After the Interview. Following up after a job interview is an easy, simple way to make a good impression. People like to be appreciated, so a quick thank you email or phone call is always good. 

Ultimately, if you’re going to take the time to apply for a job, at least put some elbow grease into it! The odds that your application naturally rises to the top of the pile without any additional work on your part are slim. So, whatever you can do to stand out throughout the job search can make a huge difference in your success. Using these proactive strategies for finding a new opportunity will make the process a bit easier on yourself and guarantee you don’t blow it! 

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